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I am growing in a more intimate relationship with the Father over the last year. I hear a lot of people talk about growing in intimacy with the Father; however, I feel that this material is the only thing I have seen that actually tells the truth about this process. I need to facilitate others getting this material (THE IDENTIITY PROJECT by George La Du) and hosting groups like the one I attended at Sterling.”

Dan Quatier, CEO, Interior Tech Company


“My time with George these past few years has been invaluable, shifting my mindset and allowing me to step confidently into the identity and destiny God has created for me as a son of the Most High King.”

Tom Gillihan, President, Sterling Communications


“For me, going through THE IDENTITY PROJECT with George in a group setting, helped me better understand where I needed to put my time and energy to have the best results in God’s Kingdom. Are you in the right place on the bus? If you don’t know, you need to invest some time with George and discover your place on the bus of God’s Kingdom.”

Steve Harpham, CFP, Living Water Financial


“THE IDENTITY PROJECT:  What an enlightening experience. Spiritual growth encompasses many areas of our lives as we are encouraged to mature in our walk with God.  Having a solid understanding of who I am in Christ is a great first step in this journey.  THE IDENTITY PROJECT really enlightened my walk & helped me to establish a foundation to build on as I learn to embrace what the bible calls “this new creation”. Looking closely into what my specific God given gifts & talents are, how to transition from a salvation mindset to a kingdom mindset & what it means to exercise my God given authority are just a few of the many areas I was able to benefit from through IP.  I encourage anyone looking to continue to mature in their walk with Christ to take a look at how IP might add new spiritual insights to help you grow.

Michael R. Bryant, Principle Broker


“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that God brought me to the Identity Project last year. As you know I have been a Christian most of my life, however after completing the program twice I truly feel I understand who I am as a believer and how God wants me activated in the world. The Identity Project studies and peer to peer guidance has been an answered prayer to fully understanding the power God has given me as believer. I have been through other studies and been in other fellowships over the years and many of them were very good. However, The Identity Project has taken me to another level that I did not realize was possible and has provided me to really understanding Gods will for my life! Thank you for being Gods hands and feet in my life and showing me that it’s not that complicated.”

Daniel Terry, Director of Sales


 “The Identity Project helped me to rebuild my Christian foundation.  I’d had many years of good teaching from wonderful teachers, yet did not have a format to retain that information in a foundational way.  I’d found “cracks in my foundation of faith that needed repair” in order for me to grow and mature in ways to receive the abundant life Jesus promised.”

 Michelle Blacksher, Life Coach


“The Identity Project has been a rewarding experience on multiple levels for me. IP has helped me see more clearly my role as a marketplace apostle, and brought me friendships that will last a lifetime. I’m thankful for George La Du and his passion to see men become true sons of God. If you want to take charge of the direction your life goes, you must first understand who you are and how much our Father in Heaven loves you! The Identity Project has real tools and brotherly conversations to get you out of the bus stop and onto the Highway of life. See where IP will take you.

Boone Bergsma, WeThinkItMatters Inc.


“I have gone through The Identity Project twice now. I thank God for bringing this in this time of my life and ministry. They say that you cannot separate the message from the messenger and this is one of the things I have really been blessed to see in George La Du and how the Lord has inspired him to write and share kingdom principles through The Identity Project. If I could sum it up a 3 phrases/words; The Identity Project to me has meant 1) Knowing who I am in God through Christ 2) Relationships and 3) Practical biblical truth I can live everyday of my life and share with others. Thank you to all The Identity Project team for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this ministry.”

Victor Alvarizares, Pastor


“Going through the Identity Project was nothing short of a divine appointment. God in His grace and perfect timing, brought George La Du and this group of men into my life.  Throughout the course, I have experienced God’s love, His power, and have received a greater understanding of His direction for my life. No longer will I sit on the sidelines! My Father has called me out of slavery to sonship and has appointed me to destroy the works of the devil. I’m now prepared to enter into the works that have been prepared for me by my Father.”

Guy T. Anderson, Pres. Anderson & Case Remodeling


“The Identity project is a powerful course that is practical and also profound. This course really helped me to get off the sidelines in my spiritual life and into the game at a very transformational time in my life. If you are feeling stuck in your spiritual life and seeking change but don’t know how or why; if you want Christ’s light to shine brighter through you; if you want to mature in your walk with Jesus then the Identity Project is just what you need right now.”

Ian Heimbegner, husband, dad of 4, football coach and entrepreneur


“The Identity Project was an introduction to the Spiritual Maturity that is available to and desired by God for each of His children. It opened my eyes to the true roll God has for His children and how all creation is eagerly waiting for us to take it on. The Identity Project exposed the huge impact the grown up kids God are designed to have on all creation by fulfilling the great commission. The Power of the Holy Spirit inside each of us is available to us to do mighty things if we will just believe and access it.”

Guy Evoniuk, Mortgage Broker


“I didn’t know what to expect when I started The Identity Project Program. But as it progressed I could see a difference in my thinking and faith. Through the course content and fellowship, I grew in my personal relationship with God and my brothers in Christ.  Without equivocation, I endorse TIP as an essential part of becoming a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. Thank you George!”

Bill Brock, Business Owner

“I have taken the Identity Project three times now. I’ve
done so because I believe understanding our heavenly identity is at the very
heart of a healthy relationship with God, ourselves, and the world. No one articulates
these vital truths better than Pastor La Du and his Identity Project material.
His passion and skill at teaching identity has changed my life, and I believe
everyone seeking to follow in Christ’s footsteps  would benefit from it.”

Peter Ladley, Pastor Joy Incorporated Ministries

About The Identity Project

IP is helping Kingdom Leaders Unleash Their God Given Identity. The Identity Project course and events are a discipleship program in the Gospel of the Kingdom, that the King of kings taught. Many of us have been discipled in the Gospel of Salvation, but Jesus/Yahusha preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do you know What the Gospel of the Kingdom is? We invite you to join us and learn!

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