We hope you will join us in the next 13 week series of the Identity Project!

2022 Winter IP series will take place
every Thursday at 4 pm Pacific Time
starting January 13, until April 7th 2022

We get together every Thursday
on Zoom for thirteen weeks

Identity Project is a roadmap that reveals GOD’s heart towards you. Each chapter reveals a different characteristic of GOD and His love and plan for you. IP reveals how GOD has uniquely created you, which leads you to a deeper intimacy with the Father. Have an impact for His Kingdom, be about the Father’s business. Signup for Identity Project Webinar Series to discover who you are in Him!

To take part in IP you will need to agree to the following by filling out the form and paying $99. Identity Project is worth far more and in many cases priceless to the treasures you will find in yourself and others. We hope you will step out of the boat with us this season, and take a step of faith!

About The Identity Project

IP is helping Kingdom Leaders Unleash Their God Given Identity. The Identity Project course and events are a discipleship program in the Gospel of the Kingdom, that the King of kings taught. Many of us have been discipled in the Gospel of Salvation, but Jesus(Yahusha) preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do you know What the Gospel of the Kingdom is? We invite you to join us and learn!

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