The Identity Project

Equipping Believers

Join us on a spiritual journey to discover your God-given Identity! Discover the powerful, life affirming Good News, and its deeper personal meaning. God is calling you to step up into the next adventure He has for you.

Identity reveals purpose, and when we marry God’s intention for us with our unique make up, we better understand what our purpose is and why we were created.

This discipleship program is for men and women who want to make an impact for the Kingdom and have a personal relationship with their Maker and Savior.

About The Identity Project

IP is helping Kingdom Leaders Unleash Their God Given Identity. The Identity Project course and events are a discipleship program in the Gospel of the Kingdom, that the King of kings taught. Many of us have been discipled in the Gospel of Salvation, but Jesus(Yahusha) preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do you know What the Gospel of the Kingdom is? We invite you to join us and learn!

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