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We are Uniquely Created, Awesomely Made, and His Beloved Family

The Identity Project is equipping believers with their true identity as Sons & Daughters of The Most High. When you understand who you are and how our Heavenly Father created you with purpose, you can walk in that knowledge and have real power in life. When you REALLY know GOD made you to have a relationship with Him it will transform the way you live.

The Identity Project is a discipleship experience that helps believers have a more abundant relationship with GOD our Father and joy filled fellowship with others! Take part in The Identity Project to learn about the Gospel of the Kingdom Jesus(Yahusha) preached.

On a scale of 1-10, how wonderful would you say your life is?

Let’s say, you may have been a Christian a long time. You’ve been going to church. You’ve been part of different bible studies. Your job is ok. Your family is basically good. The marriage is ok. And life is sometimes good and sometimes very challenged. All in all, it’s ok. That sounds like the scale is around a 5? Frankly, this is not the life Jesus intended for us.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” John 10:10

What are we missing? It seems we know more about GOD than we actually, personally know Him. For example, if you read someones resume you would know about them without actually knowing them! Most believers are in this type of relationship with GOD and missing out on the life He wants for you.

The Identity Project helps you to actually know GOD and have a relationship with Him, not just know about Him. To grow in confidence and walk with GOD and talk with Him as your loving Father. Develop the connection to hear Him and His guidance, walking into a growing revelation of His abundant life that He desperately wants for you.

Jesus gave His life that we might live this life on earth more abundantly.

Think of life more abundantly, like many presents wrapped up on the table and you get to open each one. And as you do, more abundant life with each one. A life that is fulfilling, filled with love,  real power, and adventure! Discover a life that fulfills your purpose and destiny.

Imagine waking up everyday excited that you are alive and look forward to accomplishing great things for GOD and mankind! Imagine that because you are alive, this world becomes better and people’s lives are touched, changed and healed. Imagine that you have everything you need to bring the change and healing to others!

Isn’t it time to intensely desire more than what you’ve been living for? Isn’t it time to do greater works? Jesus wouldn’t have said it if weren’t possible. We must stop being mediocre in what we are accepting in life, and start expecting much more for and from ourselves.

When you change your thinking, you change your world! But change costs. But ask yourself, what if you keep doing the same thing, what are you going to miss out on.

If you just keep going on in life the same as it has always been, you might end up dissatisfied and thinking the cost of change would have been worth it. What is cost of change? Time and commitment. Are you willing to pay these to begin to walk in the abundant life that Jesus(Yahusha) promised?

Do you want more for you and your family? God wants more for you and your family. But nothing happens until a decision is made. It is time to decide if you are going to press in for His favor and more abundant life. Start your Journey Now!


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